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25 round. Strong-willed victory over Smolevichi – 2:1


“Citizens” conceded at the beginning of the match, but were able to turn the tide of the game. Vasilyev and Anufriev responded to Hankevich’s goal with accurate shots.

The start of the meeting was mostly without dangerous moments, but suddenly there was a goal: in the 16th minute, Leonov did not calculate the trajectory – the ball jumped over our goalkeeper, Hankevich scored into an empty goal. The spectators didn’t see more goals before the break, but in the second half Minsk was able to turn the situation in their favor.

In the 56th minute, Yarotsky had a good chance to equalize, but the ball after his strike hit the frame and flew out of the field, and soon the “citizens” finally managed to score. After the goalkeeper’s foul in the penalty area referee Andrei Vasilevich pointed to the point – in the 60th minute the penalty kick was tightly executed by Alexander Vasilyev. Minsk continued to gain momentum, Gribovsky and Nasibulin had good chances, but Anufriev scored in the 76th minute. The team managed to keep the advantage and take three points.

Belarusbank – Major League, round 25. Minsk 2-1 Smolevichi
September 28 (Monday), 4 p.m. Minsk, Tractor Stadium.

Referees: Andrei Vasilevich (Mozyr), Denis Emeyanchikov (Gomel), Anton Poluyanov (Mozyr).

Goals: 0:1 – Hankevich (16, pass – Shegrikovich), 1:1 – Vasilyev (60, from the penalty spot), 2:1 – Anufriev (72, pass – Ostrouh).

Minsk: Leonov – Ostrouh, Evdokimov (c), Gribovsky (Penchuk, 87), Yarotsky (Shramchenko, 70), Zalesky (Anufriev, 46), Klimovich, Vasilyev, Chagovets, Ten, Nasibulin.

Smolevichi: Lazovsky – Zhevnerov (c), Makarov, Demchenko (Makushinsky, 77), Shchegrikovich, Bocherov (Bogdanov, 64), Khalimonchik, Hankevich, M.Kovel, Djigero (Potapenko, 71), Alibekov.

Booked: Vasilyev (32) – Hankevich (9), M.Kovel (50), Lazovsky (59), Makushinsky (78).


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