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“Gorodeya” – “Minsk.” Introducing the rival citizens

Minsk - City

Today, “Minsk” will play a match of the 8th round of the national championship in the town of “Gorodeya”. The game will start at 7 p.m.

You will learn from the traditional pre-match exclusive historical and statistical material prepared by the club’s press service that Minsk finished six games out of eight games against “Gorodeya” and who is the top scorer in the “Gorodeya” squad.


Our club has met with “Gorodeya” in the top league so far only eight times (4-2-2, 10-13).

In four away matches, “Gorodeya” won three and drew once, the goal difference 7-4. In four home games Minsk won one, drew once and lost twice, the goal difference was 3-9.

In the national championships, the capital club scored 10 goals against “Gorodeya” (3 in the first half and 7 in the second). The players of the team from “Gorodeya” hit the gates of the capital club twelve times: six times in the first half and seven times in the second half of the game.


The only time in the matches of today’s opponents was scored an autogoal. This unpleasant incident happened for Minsk residents on December 2, 2018. Then the Lithuanian defender Of the “Gorodeya” Vaikkunas “different” was “different”.

It is worth noting that the referees have never pointed to the eleven-meter mark in the matches of “Minsk” and “Gorodeya”.

The best scorer of the “Citizens” in the match against the “sugarmen” is Alexander Vasilyev, he scored four goals against the opponent. Bojan Dubaiic was the best goalkeeper in the “Gorodeya” team, scoring four goals for “Minsk”, and he scored a hat-trick in one match.

In eight matches between “Minsk” and “Gorodeya”, the main referees showed the players 39 yellow cards. Eighteen mustards and one removal were received by the Minskers and 21 yellow cards on the score of the “Gorodeya” players, they also earned two more disposals.

Of the 5,650 (average 706) spectators present at the championship games between “Minsk” and “Gorodeya”, 2,050 (average 512) spectators were at the home games of Minsk and 3,600 (average – 900) spectators at the home games of “Gorodeya”.

Five different results were recorded in the matches of “Minsk” and “Gorodeya”. Three meetings ended with a 2-1 score. In other games, the score was 0:0, 1:1, 3-0, 3:1 and 5:0.



May 23, 2016 Gorodeya – Minsk – 1:2 (Petrov – Shevchenko, Kovel)
02.10.2016 Minsk – Gorodeya – 3:1 (Covic-2, Kovel – Parkhachev)
20.06.2017 Minsk – Gorodeya – 0:0
05.11.2017 Gorodeya – Minsk – 1-1 (Dubaiich – Gromyko)
16.06.2018 Gorodeya – Minsk – 1:2 (Lebedev – Al. Vasilyev-2)
02.11.2018 Minsk – Gorodeya – 0:5 (Dubaiich-3, Lebedev, Vaikkunas-a/g)
May 25, 2019 Minsk – Gorodeya – 0:3 (Pushnyakov-2, D. Lebedev)
04.10.2019 Gorodeya – Minsk – 1:2 (Arhipov – Al. Vasilyev-2)

Total: 8 matches: 4-2-2, balls 10-13.

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