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Minsk beat Neman in rescheduled match – 4:3


In the game of the 9th round Minsk managed to score four goals and hold the advantage, which allowed to take important points from one of the leaders of the championship.

It didn’t start so well – the visitors quickly came forward in the 24th minute, but then the game turned upside down. Just 5 minutes later, the “Citizens” managed to win back after a successful penalty from Alexander Vasilyev, and at the end of the half Anton Shramchenko’s double allowed to leave for the break with a good goal.

However, the second half made me nervous: despite the fourth goal from Oleg Evdokimov in the 60th minute, the Hrodnas did not lose heart and were able to make a comeback – Pavel Zabelin and Zoran Marusic scored on goal. The remaining five-plus minutes kept Minsk in suspense, but the team managed to keep the winning 4:3 on the scoreboard and took three points.

Belarusbank – Major League, Round 9 (rescheduled match). Minsk 4-3 Neman (Hrodna)
August 29 (Saturday), 2:30 p.m. Minsk, Tractor Stadium. No spectators.

Referees: Victor Shimusik, Alexei Voytishonok (both Osipovichi), Alexander Banteev (Bobruisk).

Goals: 0:1 – Zhukovsky (24), 1:1 – Al.Vasilyev (29, penalty), 2:1 – Shramchenko (43), 3:1 – Shramchenko (45+1), 4:1 – Evdokimov (60), 4:2 – Zabelin (73), 4:3 – Marusich (85).

Minsk: Leonov – Prishchepa, Ryzhuk, Chagovets, Ostroukh – Al.Vasilyev, Zalesky – Nasibulin (Art.Vasilyev, 76), Evdokimov (c) (Sazonchik, 77), Shramchenko – Gribovsky (Gorbach, 88).

“Neman”: Kurgansky – An.Vasilyev, Legchilin, Stojkovic, Slabashevich (D.Ivanov, 81) – Yakimov, Zabelin – Po, Zhukovsky (c) (Kantaria, 66), Kadimyan – Marusich.

Bookings: Ryzhuk (49), Sazonchik (80) – Kadimyan (7), Legchilin (90+2).

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