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2021 Belarus Championship. Minsk – Energy- BSU – 2:1


2021 Belarus Championship. Match of the 13th round

MINSK – ENERGY-BSU (MINSK) – 2:1 (1:1)
Minsk. June 17. Tractor Stadium. 295 spectators.
JUDGE: A.Kulbakov (Gomel), D.Schuk (Minsk), O.Maslyanko (Brest).
MINSK: Prisziva, Lutsky, Kontseva, Chagovets, Kasarab, Ostroukh (Yakushevich, 46), Yarotsky (Bogomolsky, 73), Kovalevsky, Evdokimov (c) (Kuznetsov, 67), Shramchenko, Lopez (Sazonchik, 91).
Subs not used: Veremko, Keiros, Stolbov, Penchuk, Agvata, Senkovich.
ENERGY-BSU: Rusanov, Miroshnikov, Sokol, Ferorya, Yudchits (Rylach, 55), Bashilov, Yussif (A.Vasilyev, 29), Geers (Sovpel, 86), Musakhanyan (Diallo, 55), V.Vasiliev, Lavrik (Omelyanchuk, 53).
Subs not used: Sadovsky, Malitsky, Strelkovsky.
GOALS: 1-0 – Lopez (1, pass – Yarotsky). 1:1 – V.Vasiliev (42, from the penalty spot). 2-1 – Lopez (47, pass to Kasarab).
WARNING: Prisvivalko (41), Chagovets (50), Shramchenko (51).

In a week ago, our guys took the upper hand from the away game against Slavia, but lost dmitry Alicejko and Sally Munira due to disqualifications. In addition, Sergey Ignatovich and Kirill Sinovich are still in the infirmary.

As a result, the coaching staff of Fedor Scherbachenko chose a lineup with three central defenders – Sergey Kontsev, Evgeny Chagovts and Maxim Kasarab. Maxim Lutsky and Yuri Ostroukh, who tried to support offensive actions as much as possible, were located on the edges.

“Citizens” led in the 49th second, when Michael Lopez in touch closed from the area “point” shot Yaroslav Yarotsky, who moments earlier coolly covered on the opponent’s brow – 1-0.

Then we had to pay serious attention to the defense, as the “students” managed to seize the initiative. And soon they almost regained their balance: Musakhanyan shot over the crossbar from a killer distance.

The visitors still achieved their goal – just before the break from the “point” appointed for a foul by Pavel Prishivako against Vladislav Vasilyev. The victim himself was sentenced to 1:1.

Fortunately, in the opening of the second half, Fedor Scherbachenko’s guys worked perfectly. Maxime Kasarab cut a cross, and Michael Lopez made a 2-1 double.

In the future, “Minsk” again did not prevent opponents to own the initiative, however, their possessions acted carefully and carefully. Of course, it was not possible to completely freeze the enemy attacks, but it did not reach one hundred percent chances.

As a result, our team celebrated the 5th victory in the current championship!

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