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In the match of the 1/16 final”Minsk lost to LSC

Minsk - LSC

The first match of the 1/16 final of the Women’s Champions League was held in the belarusian capital, at the Minsk football club stadium, where FC Minsk hosted the Norwegian LSK.

The Norwegians actively started the meeting, already in the 2nd minute discouraged the defense of the hosts of the field. Emily Howie scored a goal against the City. From such an unexpected start our team came to its senses closer to the middle of the first half. Having leveled the course of the meeting, our girls had several opportunities to take the gate. In one episode above the goal Tamila Himich broke through, in the other slowed down with a blow Anastasia Pobebailo, in another of the moments the ball hit the crossbar of the Norwegians’ goal.

The Minsk women also started the second half actively, but in one of the few Norwegian attacks they conceded from Justin Vanhavermat. In the future, the guests repeatedly threatened the goal of Natalia Voskobovich, running away in counterattacks. However, the scoreboard has not changed – 0:2.

Not the best result on the field, which complicates The chances of “Minsk” to reach the 1/8 final.

Minsk – LSK 0:2

Minsk,Wednesday, December 9, 2:00 p.m., -7-S

Referees: Bolic, Peic, Danchenko

Minsk: Voskobovic, Nyolle, Kubicny, Kozyupa, Belaya (Surovtseva, 73), Shmatko, Galai, Pobebailo, Akaba (Harlanova, 62), Himich, Skorynina (Tihan, 73)

LSC: Norstrom, Dalstrom, Gusdal (Euten, 90), Brenn, Woldwick, Ellingsen, Bahor, Vanhavermat, Howie (Dekkerhus, 90’3), Kuwag (Pedersen, 77), Heug

Goals: Howie (2), Vanhavermat (56)

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