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Vladimir Hwaszczynski resigns from Minsk

Vladimir Hwaszczynski

Due to the end of the lease term, the forward left the location of our team and returned to the Soligorsk “Shakhtar”. Vladimir came to Minsk before the start of the 2020 season, during which time he played 13 matches, scored 5 goals and gave 3 assists. He also previously played for Cityzens in the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

Minsk Football Club thanks the player and wishes him further success.

In a farewell interview, Vladimir summed up the results of his speech in Minsk.

– How do you comment on these six months of your career?

– Pre-season with the team did not pass, came just before the start of the championship. I am satisfied only that there was a constant playing practice, because last year I had little of it. But, to be honest, the result is not particularly satisfied. There were a lot of unnecessary loss of points, even yesterday we had to bring the game to victory. I think Minsk is not in its place in the table. Very good team, coaching staff – everyone is in his place and performs his duties well. I think that the team will be rewarded for this in the second round and it will rise higher in the table.

– The best and worst matches of the team during this time?

– I will highlight not the whole game, but the first half with Dynamo Minsk. We played very well and quality, did not give anything to create and led in the score. In the second only unstuck (the match of the 2nd round ended with the victory of “Minsk” with a score of 3:2 – note.ed.)

And the worst… Probably two of them. These are matches against Jodino (2:5) and Brest Dynamo (1:6). There somehow fell apart at all. Even more with Torpedo, because we played at least 1-1 against Brest in the first half. For the whole match did not have enough strength, not all were in optimal conditions.

– You played for the club in 2014-2015, and then returned to Minsk after 5 years. What has changed?

– The team is much rejuvenated. Then there were a lot of experienced players: Schivko, Klimovich, Sanya Kovel, all were in a good game tone. Now, too, there are experienced, but more young people. They need to be trained. I think it is harder for the coach with the young: it is more difficult for them, they are not yet formed players. And in those years there were already people who played, they did not have to teach anything. Who as skillfully – and played.

What are your thoughts on leaving? Satisfied with this stage in your career?

“Everything is done, everything is for the best. Roughly speaking, I could sit in the “Shakhtin” maybe come out somewhere to replace. I decided to change something, went on loan to Minsk and I don’t regret it. A very qualified coaching staff, a good team – got only pleasure. Moreover, I lived next to my family and I was satisfied with everything. I want to say thank you to the club, the team and wish good luck in the season.

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