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2021 Belarus Championship. Torpedo-Belaz – Minsk – 2-1


2021 Belarus Championship. Round 7 match

YODINO. May 1. Torpedo Stadium. 915 viewers.
JUDGE: A.Kulbakov, S.Teslyuk (both – Gomel), O.Maslyanko (Brest).
TORPEDO-BELAS: Bushma, Ustinov, Yashin, Odeoibo, Bordachev (Kuharchik, 62), Premudrov (Makarov, 70), Kirilenko (A.Antilevskiy, 67), Nikolaevich (Oia, 46), Khachaturian (c), Monteiro (Afanasyev, 84), D.Antilevskiy.
Subs not used: Kozlov, Burko, Grzhevsky, Leonovich, Klenier.
MINSK: Prisilidko, Aliseiko, Kontseva, Yakushevich (Ostroukh, 65), Kasarab, Evdokimov (c), Sinovich (Muniru, 72), Sazonczyk, Shramchenko (Lutsky, 90), Bogomolsky (Stolbov, 84), zenkovic (Lopez, 52).
Subs not used: Veremko, Keiros, Kovalevsky, Agvat, Penchuk.
GOALS: 1-0 – Monteiro (12). 1:1 – Odeoibo (54, in his own goal, pass – Bogomolian). 2:1 – Kirilenko (57).
WARNING: Odeoibo (45), Yashin (59), Khachaturian (77) – Bogomoly (50), Kontseva (92).
RELATED: Sazonczyk (80).

It was clear that the car manufacturers, for whom the start of the season can not be called successful, with the native fans immediately rush forward. Unfortunately, this knowledge did not help the red-blue. With strikes by Monteiro and Antilevski Sr. from close range Pavel Priszivko coped, but in the 12th minute was powerless to save when the persistent Brazilian forward achieved his goal, hitting the target meters from 10, – 1-0.

“Citizens” quickly leveled the game and began to create sharpness. Anton Shramchenko volleyed from the middle distance forced Bushm to work hard, and then almost broke into the kill position – the very least lacked accuracy of the transfer of Igor Szenkiewicz. Experienced forward, by the way, even sent the ball into the net, that’s just a moment earlier climbed into an offside position …

The assertiveness of Fedor Scherbachenko’s men bore fruit in the opening of the second half. One of the many offensive actions was ended with Egor Bogomdolsky’s cross and the home defender Odeoibo’s shot 1-1. Here would try to consolidate the success, but there was an unfortunate mistake in their own possessions. As a result, Kirilenko from the right side of the penalty area without interference shot into the far “bottom” – 2:1.

Our team spent the maximum energy to restore balance. Alas, despite the good combination actions, one hundred percent moments did not arise. The situation became more complicated to the limit in the 80th minute: the referee left Minsk in the minority after a foul by Sergei Sazonchik.

At the end of the confrontation, the capital’s guys switched to long casts, but here the desired fruits were not spared.

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