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A number of players have left Minsk


At the end of the contract, a number of players leave the location of our club.

Defender Aleksey Ivanov played 8 matches in the Minsk shirt last season. The player will continue his playing career at the Football Club “Homel”.

The contract with our club and the defenders Of Dmitriy zinovich and Alesya Lavrik has finished. Dmitriy played 8 matches in the City shirt, And Alexey played one game.

Defender Dmitry Prischepa also left Minsk. The City player played 22 games for Minsk last season. At the moment, the player is on view at the Samara club “Wings of the Soviets”, which is holding a training camp in Turkey.

Minsk Football Club thanks the players for their work and wishes them good luck in their future career.

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