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FC Minsk beat Slavia-Mozyr – 2-1


In the postponed match of the 21st round of “Belarusbank – Major League” FC Minsk took three points, beating the guests from Mozyr.

In the first half, Minsk had several scoring episodes, which could not be brought to a logical conclusion, but by the 31st minute the number still turned into quality: Shramchenko burst into the penalty area, made a shot pass to Nasibulin and he make a good shot.

The start of the second half was hot: at first Shramchenko again entered the penalty area well from the left flank, but his pass was blocked, and then there was a curious goal of Slavia. In the 53rd minute Narkh either shot from outside the penalty area, or hit the target, but it misled Leonov, who was able to transfer the ball to the post, but immediately on the finishing line Tlupov worked.

“Citizens” actively tried to regain the lead, and although it did not work quickly, but the substitutes gave their result. In the 76th minute On Yarotsky went a long pass from deep, he caught up with the ball on the very front line and the first touch sent it into the penalty area, and there was already a great performance Anufriev, who jumped out and sent the ball into the net, while not celebrating the goal against the former team. Minsk managed to bring the game to victory and promptly rehabilitate for the defeat in Slutsk.

Belarusbank – Major League, round 21 (rescheduled match). Minsk 2-1 Slavia-Mozyr
October 21 (Wednesday), 15:00. Minsk, Tractor Stadium. 100 spectators

Referees: Pavel Koronets, Vladimir Rusak (both – Zhodino), Pavel Mazuro (Molodechno).

Goals: 1-0 – Nasibulin (31, pass – Shramchenko), 1:1 – Tlupov (53), 2:1 – Anufriev (76, pass – Yarotsky).

Minsk: Leonov – Ten, Ryzhuk, Klimovich (c), Ostroukh – Zalesky, Vasilyev – Nasibulin (Yarotsky, 67), Evdokimov, Shramchenko (Prischepa, 83) – Gribovsky (Anufriev, 62).

“Slavia-Mozyr”: Romanyuk – Shevchenko (c) (Krivosheev, 86), Shestilovsky, Mudrak, Pantya – Barsukov, Malkevich, Narkh, Zhuk – Tette (Melnikov, 65), Tlupov (Slusar, 69).

Booked: Shramchenko (39), Nasibulin (65) – Pantya (81).

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