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Minsk vs Vitebsk. Meeting history, figures and facts

Vitebsk - Minsk

On Sunday, June 21, our club will play a match of the 14th round of the “Belarusbank – Championship of the Republic of Belarus in football season 2020 among the teams of the major leagues” against Vitebsk. This will be the 21st meeting between teams in the major leagues.

The match will be held in Vitebsk at the CSK Vitebsky stadium and will start at 18.00.

You will learn from the traditional pre-match exclusive historical and statistical material prepared by the press service of the “Citizens” from the traditional pre-match exclusive historical and statistical material prepared by the press service of the “Citizens” out of 20 matches, and who is the top scorer of the “Citizens” in games with the Vitebsk team.

Vitebsk - Minsk


During The Minsk’s performance in the top league, our club has met with Vitebsk 20 times (7-4-9, goal difference 24-21).

In eleven away matches, the City fc have won three, lost six times and drawn two games, with a goal difference of 11-10.

Minsk has won four games in nine home games, lost three times and drawn twice. The ratio of goals scored and conceded was 13-10.

To date, the Minskers have scored 24 goals against Vitebsk (7 in the first half and 17 in the second). The Vitebsk players scored 21 goals for Minsk (9 in the first half, 12 in the second).

Only twice in the matches of Minsk and Vitebsk, the referee pointed to the eleven-meter mark. In an away match of the 11th round in 2010, Minsker Andrey Sheryakov hit the home team’s goal, and in the match of the 21st round of last season, Adamovich outplayed the goalkeeper of Minsk in an eleven-meter duel.

Only once in the matches of the capital’s players and “northern” was recorded autogoal. In the last round of the championship in 2015, the Vitebsk defender Nikolai Kashevsky scored his goal.

In the games between Minsk and Vitebsk, the referees showed the players 48 yellow cards. 18 “mustards” earned “Citizens” 30 warnings received by the players of “Vitebsk”.

Two disposals are recorded in the history of meetings of these teams, and both red cards were shown in 2018 – in the match of the 21st round: brazilian Bruno from “Vitebsk” for hitting the opponent with his hand after the stoppage of the game, as well as the young defender of “Minsk” Ilya Lukashevich – for aggressive attack of the opponent.

Evgeny Loshankov and the current head of Minsk Andrei Razin are the best scorers of the “City” in the matches against the Vitebsk team. They scored three goals each. The best goalkeepers in Vitebsk were Igor Kholodkov, Nikita Naumov and Anton Matveenko, and they scored two goals each for Minsk.

Of the 24,971 spectators (average 1,248) who attended all the matches, 6,350 (average – 793) spectators were at the home games of Minsk and 18,651 (average – 1,695) spectators at the stadium of CSKA Vitebsky.

The attendance record for today’s opponents’ match was set on May 5, 2017. Then in the match of the 6th round “Vitebsk” hosted “Minsk.” 3,150 fans watched this game in the stands.

Eight variants of the final score were recorded in the matches of Minsk and Vitebsk. The most popular score is 1-0, with it ended 7 games. Three times the matches ended with the score – 3:1 and 0:0. Twice the score was fixed – 3-0. On one time on the scoreboard of stadiums burned the final figures – 1:1, 2:1, 3:2, 4:0 and 5:1.


22.04.2007 Minsk – Vitebsk 2-1 (Pyatrauskas, Osipenko – Bogdanov)
05/08/2007 Vitebsk – Minsk 1-0 (Rubnenko)
26.04.2009 Minsk – Vitebsk 0:1 (Whole)
30.08.2009 Vitebsk – Minsk 1-0 (Sorokin)
May 21, 2010 Vitebsk – Minsk 0:3 (Razin, Loshankov, Sheryakov-p)
22.08.2010 Minsk – Vitebsk 5:1 (Voronkov, Kirilchik, Loshankov-2, Razin – Kholodkov)
13.11.2010 Vitebsk – Minsk 1:3 (Kholodkov – Pyatrauskas, Gigevich, Razin)
24.03.2011 Minsk – Vitebsk 1:3 (Vasilyuk – Skidan, Kuchuk, Glazyukov)
10.07.2011 Vitebsk – Minsk 1-0 (Baranok)
23.10.2011 Vitebsk – Minsk 1-0 (Frost)
04/07/2015 Vitebsk – Minsk 0:4 (Hvaszczynski, Makasi, Lukich, Pushnyakov)
08.11.2015 Minsk – Vitebsk 3:2 (Hvaschinsky, Maks, Kashevsky-a/g – Nightingale, Khlebosolov)
02/04/2016 Minsk – Vitebsk 1-0 (Legchilin)
31/07/2016 Vitebsk – Minsk 0-0
May 14, 2017 Vitebsk – Minsk 3-0 (Matveenko, Babichev, Naumov)
24/09/2017 Minsk – Vitebsk 0-0
05.05.2018 Vitebsk – Minsk 1-0 (Naumov)
15.09.2018 Minsk – Vitebsk 1:3 (Bahar – Adamovich-p, Matveenko, Klopotsky).
29.03.2019 Minsk – Vitebsk 0:0
21.07.2019 Vitebsk – Minsk 1-0 (Pechenin – Shevchenko)

Total: 20 matches: 7-4-9, balls 24-21.

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