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Dmitri Prischepa joined the “Wings of the Soviets”

Dmitri Prischepa

Dmitri Prischepa has signed a contract with the Russian club “Wings of the Soviets”. In Samara, the 19-year-old Belarusian defender will play under the 35th number.

Dmitry Prischepa played 22 games for the City in the top league in the 2020 season. His move to the “Wings of the Soviets” was possible thanks to the Belarusian Sergey Kornilenko, who is the sporting director of the Samara club. As a result of the deal, Minsk will receive compensation for the player’s preparation.

At the moment, the “Wings of the Soviets” occupy the 2nd place in the Russian NFL and have a good chance of entering the elite division.

We wish Dmitriy success in the new club!

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