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Ostrovets 0:3 Minsk. We reach the 1/8 final of the Belarusian Cup


On Saturday, the «citizens» won an away match against a team from the second league (D3). Aleksandr Anufriev scored the double, Alexander Vasilyev scored from the penalty spot.

Minsk held the meeting with the first number and after a series of chances was able to come forward, but the goal in the 30th minute from Anufriev, who threw the goalkeeper, most of the game time was the only one in the match and did not allow to exhale and calmly bring the meeting to the end. However, the last minutes still allowed to achieve a more confident advantage: on the 88th Alexander Vasilyev calmly realized the penalty, and under the curtain point put Anufriev with his second goal.

Parimatch – Cup of Belarus, 1/16. “Ostrovets” (D3) 0:3 “Minsk”
September 5 (Saturday), 3:30 p.m. Ostrovets, ASC Stadium. No spectators.

Referees: Olga Tereshko (Molodechno), Alexey Kovalyov (Osipovichi), Dmitry Zagorelsky (Orsha).

Goals: 0:1 – Anufriev (30), 0:2 – Al.Vasiliev (88, from the penalty spot), 0:3 – Anufriev (90’4).

“Ostrovets”: Kaminsky – Lovgach (Khmelnitsky, 46), Dudo, Klachkevich (Chitanava, 67), Kupnevski (Knotko-Shterk, 82), Zaharen, Beznosik, Antsypov, Znak (Butko, 63), Usovich (Zubritskiy, 73), Shchegrikovich.

Minsk: Prishivalko – Ryzhuk (Ivanov, 90+1), Ostrouh (Kasarab, 90+1), Evdokimov, Anufriev, Gribovsky (Ar.Vasiliev, 65), Zalesky (K.Zinovich, 76), Klimovich, Al.Vasiliev, Chagovets, Nasibulin (Shemruk, 90).

Booked: Kaminsky (87) – Anufriev (67).

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