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We couldn’t resist in Soligorsk. In the 1st round “Minsk” lost to the current champion


2021 Belarus Championship. Major League. Round 1
Soligorsk March 13. Shakhtar Stadium. 800 spectators.
JUDGE:V.Sevostyyanik, S.Hydrevich, S.Firinovich (all – Hrodna).
SHAKHTAR: Gutor, Shevchenko, Filipenko, Sachychenko, Antich, Kendysh (c), Diasamidze (Ubaidullayev, 80), Okeuchi (Ivanovic, 46), Ahmedi, Stasevich (Podsalov, 88), Darbo (Debelko, 92)
Subs not used:Chernik, Belov, Hadarkevich, Begunov, Korzun, Sotnikov.
MINSK: Ignatovich, Alisejko, Kontseva, Chagovets, Ostroukh (c), Muniru, Shramchenko (Sazonchik, 75), Sinovich, Lopez, Yarotsky (Lutsky, 74), Agvat (Bogomols, 46; Kasarab, 90).
Subs not used:Priscivalko, Keiros, Kovalevsky, Stolbov, Penchuk, Gorbach.
GOL: 1-0 – Darbo (83, pass to Ahmedi).
WARNING:Shevchenko (59), Siatchenko (61) – zinovich (14), Ostroukh (55), Muniru (80).
RELATED:Ostroukh (89, for second warning).

The previous date of these rivals was remembered for a long time: at the end of November 2020, the “Citizens” put up a fierce resistance to the Pitmen, who only on the “falling flag” tipped the scales in their direction and after the final whistle rejoiced not only local victory – winning gold medals of the domestic top division.

No doubt, and today our guys were eager to deliver maximum problems to a more rated opponent. Unfortunately, it was not possible to put the optimal line-up: the damage received in a week ago by the cup meeting with Islochy was sent to the infirmary of Captain Oleg Evdokimov.

As expected, the Solygorchans quickly seized the initiative and often got to other people’s possessions. In the 5th minute Stasevich struck from the “standard” from the corner of the penalty area – Sergei Ignatovich saved. Soon Kontseva was ahead of Darbo, who was ready to close.

Fyodor Shcherbachenko’s wards, though constantly defending low, did not allow themselves to panic. But the proper countergame for the time being could not establish. We will highlight Dmitri Aliseiko’s shot at the equator of the half, which made Gutor work hard. The hosts responded with a similarly slashing volley by Stasevich – Sergey Ignatovich flashed the reaction. And then he recorded a classy save, dragging In a desperate jump “gun” Diasamidze from the middle distance.

In the future, before the break, there was almost nothing interesting happening on the pitch. Shakhtar had a serious territorial advantage, however, the Red-Blues – Agvat and Kontseva – scored shots. In the way of the ball for the “tape” in both episodes stood Gutor.

In the second half, the scenario of the match did not change. In the opening period, Darbo and Ivanovic missed a good chance, but almost led Minsk – Michael Lopez from 10 yards hit the side net.

The Pitmen tried to increase the pressure, they did not set the benefit of the intractable tasks. With a huge number of sheds very coolly coped our defenders, in the right moments partners helped Sergei Ignatovich. In the 71st minute, a barbell came to the rescue, where the projectile went off after a cut from the head of Sally Muniru.

The Ghanaian prop was close to striking and the enemy “frame” – swung next to the “nine” from the boundary of the segment. In general, the final part of the fight was spectacular, open, double-edged. Once again, Sergey Ignatovich worked great, fending off dangerous strikes by Stasevich and Kendysh. Alas, in the 83rd minute he was powerless: Darbo responded to Ahmedi’s 1-0 serve from the spot.

In the remaining time, the “citizens” lost due to the removal of Yuri Ostroukh and organized several desperate fore-outs in an effort to snatch a draw. That’s just in the creation of real moments did not succeed …

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