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A third goalkeeper has appeared in the women’s team of Minsk


21-year-old Darya Vinograd, who played for Isloch-RGUOR and passed the national teams of Belarus of different ages, was announced for the “citizens”. The new player was already in the application in the previous game of the team under the #16. The agreement with it will be valid until the end of the 2020 season.

Darya Vinograd was born on April 15, 1999 in Baranovichi (Belarus). She started playing football in 2009 at the age of 9 at the local SYSHORE No.5. For the first two years trained with the guys with coach Valery Vasyukov, and at the age of 11 she joined the women’s team of the city to Valery Gladkov, then to the Minsk RGUOR, where she studied and performed in 2012-2018. In the 2019 season she played for Isloch-RGUOR. She spent most of 2020 as a free agent due to recovery from injury, after which she received an offer from Minsk. She played for the national teams of Belarus U-15, U-17, U-19, also played one match for the national team.

The new football player answered for several questions

– Last season you spent at Isloch. What happened next?

– After the championship, the club notified us about the disbandment of the team and offered to look for options for continuing our career. After that everyone was on the lookout, I had a few offers, but due to the injury had to go for surgery in February this year. Then there was the recovery, the season started and I was left without a club. I was a free agent, and in the autumn I received a call from Botyanskaya Inna Petrovna – invited to the audition, wanted to assess my form and see if I can help the team. After two weeks of training, I received an offer to become a minsk footballer until the end of the season with the possibility of extending the agreement – if both me and the club will arrange everything.

How did you take the offer?

– I didn’t think that I would get to any club this year. Planned to do searches in the new season, although there were thoughts even to finish a career, but that call turned everything upside down.

– There are two goalkeepers in Minsk. What does your transition have to do with?

– This is a setback for the future, so that the club has a third goalkeeper. Well, I can help now, because Katya Kovalchuk now has damage and needs a replacement.

– What do you do besides football?

– I graduated from fitness coaching courses and study at the university. First I went to transfer from the school of the Olympic reserve to the second year of BGUFC, finished before the summer session and realized that I do not like it. And if I want to be a coach, there are courses for obtaining UEFA licenses. There was an offer to transfer to BSU to law school – and I accepted it.

Photo: abff.by

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