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Accreditation for media representatives for home matches

FC Minsk

The press service of Minsk Football Club accepts applications for media accreditation to cover the team’s home matches in the championship and the Belarus Cup in the 2020 football season.

To obtain accreditation for the matches of our club, please provide you with an official letter from the editorial office, certified by the seal and signature of the manager.

The following data should be included in the letter:

Full name of the media, its founder or publisher, mailing address, editorial contact numbers, email address;

The name, name and middle name of the journalist, position, work and mobile phone numbers, fax, work and personal email address.

Portrait of a journalist electronically.

Applications please send by email: press@fcminsk.by

Accreditation quotas

Sports publications (printed) – 4 people (including a photojournalist);
– sports online editions – 2 people (including a photojournalist);
– public and political publications – 2 people (including a photojournalist);
– news agencies – 2 people (including a photojournalist);
– radio stations – 1 person.

Inquiries by phone at 375 29 665-86-93

For temporary accreditation for the matches of FC Minsk, please contact by email: press@fcminsk.by.

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