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In the 17th round of the women’s league, Minsk beat zorka-BDU – 4:1


Having taken to the field after a pause for the matches of the national teams, Vyacheslav Grigorov’s team took three points in the game with the “stars”. Goals were scored by Skorynina, Kubichnaya and Aqaba.

The girls came forward in the 5th minute, and the goal was built by two new forwards of Minsk: Aqaba burst into the penalty area from the right flank, shot at Skorynina, and she sent the ball into the net. In the 37th minute, the hosts got a chance to fulfill a promising standard after the opponent knocked Harlanova at the penalty box – as a result of the strike Kubichnaya ball was not without the mistake of the goalkeeper was in the net. Soon, “zorka” was forced to start the game again from the center of the field: another shot by Akaba interrupted Urazayev, cutting the ball into his own goal. The second half was more conservative in goal – the teams held it with a draw, Bogdan responded to the goal Aqaba, but taking into account the big start in the first half it did not affect the final situation.

Women’s Major League, Round 17. Minsk 4-1 Zorka-BDU
September 26 (Saturday), 16:00. Minsk, Minsk FC Stadium. 50 spectators.

Referees: Evgeny Kovalyov (Minsk), Ksenia Gorovtsova (Mogilev), Svetlana Gorgun (Brest).

Goals: 1-0 – Skoryna (5), 2-0 – Kubichnaya (38), 3-0 – Urazayeva (42, ag), 3:1 – Bogdan (69), 4:1 – Aqaba (84).

Minsk: Voskobovich – Kubichnaya, Kozyupa (c) (Belmach, 62), Skorynina (Tikhon, 69), Harlanova (Himich, 81), Galai (Lynko, 71), Aqaba, Nyolle, Sas (Belaya, 46), Pobegailo, Cisse.

Zorka-BDU: Butkevich – Bogdan, Bolotyanova, Miroshnichenko (c) (Chinkina, 84), Kiyanka, Urazayeva (Belobrovina, 75), Benkevich, Duben, Krylova, Zubko, Tropnikova (Scherbo, 55).

Booked: Krylova (37) – Belobrovina (87).

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