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Coaching reshuffle in Minsk women’s team


Vyacheslav Grigorov has left the post of head coach, the team with the former coaching staff will be headed by Alexander Luhvich until the end of the season.

Vyacheslav Grigorov took over the women’s team of Minsk this off-season. Under his leadership, the girls played 22 matches (18 in the championship, 3 in the Belarusian Cup, 1 in the Super Cup of Belarus), won 17 victories, including the winners of the Super Cup, and suffered 5 defeats. FC Minsk thanks the 38-year-old specialist for his work and wishes him success in his new position at the club.

Until the end of the season, the management will be in the hands of Alexander Luhvich. In 2015-2017, the 50-year-old coach headed the reserve team of Minsk, and in the 2018 season he was the head coach of the foundation. After that, the specialist worked in the structure of the “citizens” as a coach of the senior licensing team, as well as oversaw women’s football.

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