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Women’s Championship of Belarus 2021. “Sork”-BDU – “Minsk” – 0:4


Women’s Championship of Belarus 2021. 1st round match

Minsk. March 21. BSU’s RCOR Stadium. 50 spectators.
JUDGE: E.Konoplynikova (Mogilev), A.Marus (Mogilev), A.Nalivaiko (Osipovichi).
SORKA-BDU: Kamlyuk, Kiyanka (Lapko, 88), Ivanchik, Miroshnichenko (c), Voskovovich, Kapisha (Shmarowska, 74), Jigolka (Osmolovskaya, 78), Dzubko (Dubovik, 66), Girchyts, Tropnikova, Bakum (Chayuk, 88).
MINSK: Malaeva, Kashinskaya (Shereshovets, 86), Tovarevich, Asmykovic, Marchik, Krasikova (Fly, 91), Giba, Sas, Pobegalo, Tsvirko (Asaula, 82), Surovtseva.
GOALS: 0-1 – Sas (9). 0:2 – Pobegalo (14). 0-3 – Asmajkovic (36). 0:4 – Asmajkovic (92)
WARNING: Krasikova (73), Asmajkovic (81).

This fight was the debut at the helm of the “Citizens” for Andrei Pyshnik, who, of course, really wanted to start a new career stage with a victory. And our girls needed to get an extra helping of self-confidence after a disappointing misfire in the battle for the Super Bowl.

As a result, both tasks were completed on “excellent.” The key to success was a frisky start. Anna Sas opened the scoring with a classy shot from 18 yards to the far bottom, soon Anastasia Pobebailo coolly carried out a bullying raid. After a third of an hour Natalia Asmykovic from the limits of the penalty area hit the “nine”, and on the “falling flag” of the meeting made a double, having previously slipped away from the custody of three (!) rivals.

Congratulations to the team on winning three points and demonstrating a quality meaningful game!

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