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24 round. Doubles draw with Neman 2-2


The match in Grodno was not easy for our reservists and almost ended with a rematch of the opponent after the game of the 9th round (3:1), but the goal in the last minutes allowed FC Minsk to reduce the match to a draw.

The first half of the team was held without scoring goals, but the start of the second half turned out to be explosive for the City: only substitute Semyon Penchuk brought Minsk forward in the 46th minute. A slight advantage was held until the middle of the half, but then “Neman” managed to distinguish twice in two minutes and turn the game in his favor. “Citizens”, probably understanding the importance of the tournament situation, tried to score and pressed on the opponent’s goal. This was done at the end of the meeting: in the 87th minute the double was recorded by the same Penchuk.

Double, round 24. “Neman” (Grodno) 2:2 “Minsk”
September 17 (Thursday), 15:00. Grodno, SDUSHOR Neman Stadium. 50 spectators.

Referees: Maxim Kachalyuk (Brest), Dmitry Korol (Molodechno), Evgeny Klimovich (Dzerzhinsk).

Goals: 0:1 – Penchuk (46), 1:1 – Pasevich (67), 2:1 – Rassadkin (69), 2:2 – Penchuk (87).

Minsk: Prishivalko (c) – Yakushevich, Zhukov, Zherdev (Penchuk, 46), Shemruk (Nikiporenok, 60), Lutsky (Vorobyev, 80), Kasarab (Mikulich, 46), Kishko, Ar.Vasiliev (Kirkitsky, 60), Kuzmich, Taraykovich (Migdalenok, 70).

“Neman”: Malievsky – Yatskevich (Minko, 79), Karpenko (c), Parhomenko, Leshko (Kulesh, 46), Klunok, Shigaibayev (Kravtsov, 89), Rassadkin, Koval (Jvirblya, 64), Pasevich (Zhukovsky, 83), Ivanov (Suchkov, 54).

Booked: Shigaibayev – Lutsky, Taraykovic, Kirkitskiy.



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