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There have been changes in the composition of the women’s team

Etuka Lennox Etuka

Nigerian footballers Emuej Ogbayabbeha and Chiom Vogu, as well as Etuka administrator Lennox Etuka, left Minsk. Yulia Duben has gone on loan to the capital’s “zorku-BDU” until the end of the season.

Striker Emuej Ogbayabbekh has been playing for Minsk since 2016. During this time, together with the team, she became the champion of Belarus four times, took the Cup and Super Cup of Belarus four times, and also won the Baltic League in 2018. In 2019 she was recognized as the best football player of the Belarusian league. In 4 seasons of minsk’s appearance in the UEFA Champions League, Minsk has scored 16 goals in 17 matches. This is a record of performance for all the time of participation of Belarusian women’s teams in the Euro arena. Emmy also played for the Nigerian national team.

Midfielder Chioma Vogu joined the team this season, having previously played for Nigeria and Nigerian FC Rivers Angels.

The midfielder Yulia Duben is a pupil of the Mosyr SYSHORE, in Minsk – since 2012.

We thank the girls who left the club for their contribution to the team’s success and wish them a bright career, and Yula – success in the rental.

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