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Denis Semenyuk: “I want to develop and improve the team’s results”

Denis Semenyuk

This season’s rookie Denis Semenyuk in an introductory interview told about how thanks to the university got into the top league, why he was in Minsk and about his plans for the future.


Born: July 18, 1993
Position: wagon
Number: 20
Hometown: Kamenets
Pupil: JUSH Kamenets

– Most players go into mini-football with a big one, but you started your journey right away with mini-football. How and when did you get into the mini?

– Since childhood I have been playing football in the DUSH in Kamenets, Brest region. After graduating from high school in 2010 he entered the Belarusian Trade and Economic University of Consumer Cooperation in homel. At the university there was a team of IFC “BTEU Gomel” which played in the top league of the RB Mini-Football Championship. There was also a student team that played in the championship of the city of Homel, that’s where it started. After me they started to involve me in training with the team from the big leagues. That’s how I gradually got into the tower team.

– How did you end up at Minsk?

– Dynamo-BNTU has changed the vector of the team’s development, where there was no place for me. This is where Igor Fedorinchik called me and invited me to training. That’s how I ended up in Minsk.

– You are not a beginner of the tower, because you played for the Dynamo-BNTU team. Tell me, is the training process of the two teams different?

– Of course it is different, because each coach has his own vision of the training process.

– This season you became a rookie of the team. How did the team accept you? Were there any difficulties in injecting into the new team?

“We took it well. Some time, of course, took to adapt, because the team is looking at you, and you are to the team.

– “I am the best player of the team.” Can you say that about yourself?

“No, I don’t think so.

– Who do you think is the funniest man on the team?

– There are enough fun guys in the team, but personally I will choose Shvedko Dima.

– Why did you choose the 20th number with the game number?

“I was offered several options. Of all the ones that were, I decided that 20 is the best.

What are you called in the team?

Denis or Donya.

– Are there goals related to football for the near future?

– I want to develop to improve the team’s results.

How do you spend your free time?

– To be honest, it’s different. And in board games I like to play with friends, I love to watch movies and read.

Do you have a hobby?

“I started cycling.

What kind of music do you prefer? Is there a favorite performer/band?

– I thought that I prefer different music until I had to hear what Dani Krivitsky was listening to (smiles).

Blitz poll

A book or a film?
The film.

– Basketball or hockey?

Favourite brand of car?
“There is no such thing.

Favourite dish?

“Are you superstitious?”
A little bit.

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