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Anna Kozyupa: “I’ve always liked football”

Anna Kozyupa

The first round of the national football championship was to end last weekend. But alas… Instead, the seven-time national champion and winner of this year’s Super Cup “Minsk” (had time to play) according to the plan of the next training day.

The leader of the capital club and the national team Anna Kozyupa is punctual and comes to the meeting at exactly 13.00, as agreed. It was as if she had come off the advertising board, recommending to give girls exactly in football, although her parents, heard, were against. I was worried about my legs. It seems to be in vain: everything is arranged harmoniously in the Brest spill. Unless dressed for a cool day is too easy. I can imagine what it would be like for girls at zero on a thermometer to wear on the synthetics of the Beacon in shorts and T-shirts…

– At first, of course, it is fresh, but after two minutes you warm up and then you don’t think about the cold anymore, thoughts only about the game. To be honest, I am very sorry that the start of the season was postponed due to the fact that the players of the same club were in contact with possible carriers of coronavirus. I’ll tell you right away: not ours, we train as usual. But I want to start quickly.

” On the other hand, it would be reasonable to take care of yourself, as almost the entire football world does.

“I’m not afraid of coronavirus at all.

It’s good to be immortal.

“Ha! Yes, I am… Of those who are ready to play. And I think our federation is doing everything right.

I heard half of the male players are for pausing.

“I go to football and I’m not afraid of crowds. Moreover, everything takes place in the air, not indoors. And, by the way, I don’t see anything wrong with watching the games of our championship in different countries. And where do they actually go? There is no other live football. Twelve countries sort of bought the broadcasts, didn’t they?

“Only the money for the broadcasts hasn’t arrived yet. Anxious.

I don’t. The money’s not mine. If I was involved, then it’s a different matter. So what? Who needs to sort it out…

– Let’s deal with the critics of our championship from one neighboring country.

– It is clear that the Russians have a stronger championship, but they also have more money. I wonder how they would form teams with our budgets. And even then, in some clubs there are constant delays with salaries, sometimes for six months. It’s easy to teach someone when you have everything, and you try to put yourself in someone else’s place. And it is not a fact that you will be able to prove yourself in such conditions.

Women’s football is also said to be pornography. But we don’t stop playing. Although if you take world-class football – American or German, and many men can learn. And why such a level? A lot of money and effort. On the contrary: we will not invest, but we want both girls and men to play at a high European level.

– So if you all increase your salary tenfold, the level you’re looking for will be reached immediately?

It’s not about the salary. I’m a girl, I’ve always liked football. But before I did not know that it is possible to do it and even earn it for a living. I was dissuaded from training by everyone: my parents and teachers at school. They said that football will not bring money, so we have to learn. But not everyone is like me. I could afford not to listen, and others took it and left. And our football may have lost a lot of bright players.

In neighboring Poland, women’s football is much stronger, both at club level and at the national team level. The best girls play PSG. When I studied there and played, my parents brought the children to our team. Like, look, if you like it, you’ll be here to train. No, let’s go explore other options.

They pay for training. They buy shoes for kids, go to meetings. At the games of our amateur team there were many more fans than at the matches of the leaders of the championship of Belarus. In addition, our parents are still afraid that their daughter will become crooked. My mother is no exception. But I think it’s okay, my legs are flat. (Smiles.)

“It should be noted that we also went to the engine. Minsk Dynamo have assembled a women’s team this season.

“I don’t know why this idea suddenly came up. But I have heard that from next year two teams from Belarus will be able to participate in the Women’s Champions League. Maybe there’s a clue in this. And, in addition, there is a recommendation from UEFA that all clubs performing in European competitions have in their structure and women’s teams.

“Then the number of ladies’ teams in the country will almost double.

– It’s not that simple – you also need to recruit players. By and large, more or less good we will have enough only for two teams. And even then the girls still need to play and feel each other. In Minsk, everything is harmoniously arranged, some good local players, two Ukrainians, a Russian and several African women. Plus, promising young people are being pulled up.

– You take everyone out in the league with a difference of a dozen goals. But imagine, if someone bought TV rights for our women’s championship. We would have listened then…

“I hope they won’t buy it. Well, even if so, we certainly would not have any claims from the post-Soviet space. Last year, in the Champions League group they beat the Ukrainian champions Yilstroy-1 from Kharkiv 2-0. With the best Russian club of recent years ,2005 Star from Perm has always played on an equal footing. By the way, in the Russian league, CSKA, Benzema, Lokomotiv and Krasnodar already have their own women’s teams.

In general, our team adds. The new head coach Vyacheslav Grigorov instills in us a style of play similar to Barcelona’s. Maleev demanded long transfers, and Grigorov wants to play low, in a short pass. It was hard for us at first, but now it turns out better, of course.

” Will the Catalans be surprised when you are once again reduced by the lot?

– We are surprised why we always get to Barcelona. Last year it was played in the 1/8 finals, and in the 2016/17 season – in the 1/16 finals. Barca are now the number two club in the world, in 2019 in the champions league final it lost to Lyon, and this season it bought expensive players and became even stronger. If in 2017 we looked good against Catalans, even had some chances, in the past there were no options by definition. We were certainly going to arrange a battle, prepared, but there is such a composition …

– You, as a Brest woman, I am sure, warmed last year’s championship “Dynamo” in the men’s championship. In this Dynamo, however, while stalling.

– They will play again, it’s the start of the season. When we start, you look from the outside and think: what a nightmare… This championship for men in general unpredictable, and therefore interesting. Who am I rooting for except Minsk? Well, it is clear that for Brest – for both teams. It’s nice that my hometown in the “tower” represent two teams at once.

Who is the coolest player for you?

Milevsky. He has very unusual solutions and techniques. You look, it’s kind of covered – the lid. And he r-r-time, and he came out. He played, twisted, passed the penetrating gave. You can see that the player is of European class. Another Uzbek liked the young one from “Energy” (Jasurbek Yakhshiroev). A tech guy.

“Are you watching Milevsky’s Yout-Channel?”

“No, I don’t like that very much.

“Who are you in the absentee battle of Utkin and Solovyov?”

“I don’t delve into such disputes.

– That is, comments on the forum “Pressball” when answering this question do not attract.

“There’s politics, and you have to be very good at it. But to be honest, I don’t really want to waste time on it. We don’t solve anything anyway, and nothing depends on us.

“What do you talk about in the locker room in the dashing year, which is just now and has come.

– The theme is coronavirus and when the championship will start. All the jokes about who coughed today, who and where was yesterday, who is most likely to drag the virus into the team locker room. Or if they’re quarantined, how we’re going to train at home.

– Imagine, football in the country was closed. Like, there’s cuts everywhere. There is no money in Belarus, and UEFA does not send anything. What to do?

“Hmm. . . . Actually, I got an appropriate education, a bachelor’s degree in Warsaw and can work in the hotel business. But, as far as I understand, in this case, hotels will also incur losses and not recruit, and reduce staff. I don’t even know what to do.

But let’s be optimistic. I am sure that the peak of diseases will soon pass, and humanity will still come up with a cure for COVID-19. But what is happening in the world is, of course, shocking. Many are so scared that they are afraid to leave the house. We are still fine, but I communicate with the Polish and know what moods they have in the country. Universities are closed, teams are dissolved, and five people are allowed into the store – wearing gloves. And you can’t walk the streets. That’s such a creepy mini-apocalypse.

What should I do then?

I started reading more. Specifically, she took on Concordia Antarova’s “Two Lives.” I was recommended by many, and I finally got there. I’m not disappointed. A book that should be read slowly, it really changes consciousness.

Although I always knew that people should be loved and helped at the first opportunity. And not only people, disadvantaged animals, for example, too. We took a stray kitten home in Brest. Dad did. My mother at first was against: they say, will eat all the wallpaper and curtains. And now she can’t live without her, for her she is the best kitty in the world.

“Now the question is practical. At what age is it best to give girls to football?

I won’t tell you. Definitely the situation with women’s football is improving. When I was 16 or 17, I didn’t have the conditions that girls have today. Those who are just starting their way in football, in this respect are very lucky, they can only envy. And if there is talent, you can count on a good career and good money.

“Is it a pity you’re 25?

“Well, how to say… On the one hand, I see what a promising direction women’s football can become in the conditions of not yet the largest competition in the world. On the other hand, we are torsing the way for Belarusians in European competitions. Last season we reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League – it can be called a historic achievement, while domestic clubs have not yet got so far.

– And we got there 1:8 on the sum of two matches against Barca. Do any of our players have at least a potential chance to make it to the Catalan Superclub?

“There are always chances, Gleb somehow got there… And I am sure that sooner or later the same star will appear in Belarusian women’s football. Perhaps it already exists and she just needs to open up. The problem is not even in the player’s class, in fact we have girls who could play in very good European clubs. The trouble is that nobody is interested in the Belarusian championship. We don’t even have agents who can lead football players. Take, for example, a sweat. They often spar with The Germans, they are easy to notice. Both-on and the man is already playing in the German championship.

And what is Belarus? I was in America. “Where are you from?” – “From Belarus.” “Oh, where is that?” – “Near Poland.” “Aaa…” Well, now, I hope, our championship will know better when only we are in Europe and play. By the way, I am sure that some young and promising players have already taken on the pencil agents and scouts. Just because now they have an opportunity to get to know our championship.

– If the women’s championship does start, who will be your main rival?

– There has always been a good team in Hrodna. And Dinamo Minsk. Last year they made a big announcement, luring several players from our team. Plus invited a few legionnaires. I think they will assemble a good team.

“If they are lured, then they put forward more interesting conditions. Why didn’t you cross?

“Yes, the money did offer good… But I’ve already left Minsk. It was only then that I realized how good I was on this team. When you’re happy with everything, does it make sense to change something? I like the team, comfortable with the coach. It was he who moved me to the support zone and patiently explained his vision of the game in this position. A competent and ambitious specialist.

“You can say it beautifully. And if a women’s team is created in Brest, then how?

– By the way, rumors about it excited everyone last season. I don’t know why Brest didn’t develop the topic in the end. However, the question is provocative. In my soul today “Minsk” is both a club and a city. And in the heart, of course, the native Brest. The sunniest city in the country. It’s always warm. Even now…

According to The Pressball newspaper.

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