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Dubbing line-ups. Neman – Minsk – 2-0

Neman Minsk doubles

Belarus 2021 Championship among the understudy squads. Round 5 match

Grodno. April 16. Football arena. 50 spectators.
JUDGE: N.Shiyan (Dzerzhinsk), A.Liplyanin (Logoysk), E.Klimovich (Dzerzhinsk).
NEMAN-d: Veydyger, Kulesh, Para (Tonkevich, 56), Parhomenko, Shigaybayev (Petrov, 80), Suchkov (Mazuric, 58), Kopytic (c), Juvirblya, Bolgert, Oshurko, Kravtsov (Onichik, 56).
Subs not used: Gruzhevsky, Matyushenko.
MINSK-d: Tarasyuk, Likhodievsky (Mikulic, 80), Adamchik, Shchukov, Nikoporenok (Prokopenko, 46), Duszovsky, Kiszko (Kuzmich, 71), Kirkitsky (Tarajkovic, 65), Gorbach (c) (Ulyantsev, 82), Malashevich, Agvata
Substitute: Perov.
GOALS: 1-0 – Bolgert (16). 2-0 Kravtsov (32).
WARNING: Kulesh, Para (both – 41) – Malashevich (64), Tarajkovic (66), Lihodievsky (75).

The starting whistle was met by the opponents as table neighbors with identical points – 8 for each. Therefore, we should expect a stubborn and tense confrontation.

And so it happened. On the “synthetic” immediately reigned an equal struggle, where no one wanted to concede. In such a situation it was extremely important to act as reliably as possible in defense and to use the moments ahead. Unfortunately, in the 16th minute Marat Tarasyuk had to take the ball out of the net when the hosts correctly managed the “standard”. Bolgert’s serve from the corner closed 1-0.

Literally immediately the numbers on the scoreboard almost became the same. Evgeny Malashevich from the boundary of the segment technically methyl into the far “nine” – Hrodnatsev rescued the barbell. And after half an hour of the game, the advantage of “Neman” doubled Kravtsov, who responded to a long throw and from 15 yards slung our goalkeeper, desperately running across – 2-0.

City had a chance to cut the gap just before the break, but Pavel Gorbach’s slashing shot was not easily parried by Weydyger.

In the second half the nature of the match did not change. “Red-blue” in an effort to correct the situation increased the speed, however, until the time of real sharpness was not built. In the 58th minute Kirill Kirkitsky found himself in a favorable position, that’s just punched through the center – Weydyger parried. The top-save also recorded Marat Tarasyuk, who did not allow Onychik to distinguish himself from close range.

In the final part of the match, Dmitry Nowtsky’s army completely owned the initiative, spent a lot of time on the other half of the field, but through the rich defensive redoubts of the opponent did not break through.

Photo: Neman Press Office

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