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Double-thly draw with Dynamo Minsk

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17 round ended for the reservists without scoring goals – 0-0.

The teams played on the counter courses and had chances to take the goal, but the match went without the goal. However, the derby status was felt on the pitch: numerous attacks, tough tackles, intransigence, seven yellow cards and the removal of the home player for obscene behaviour at the end of the match. The only thing that this game lacked was goals.

Doubles, round 17. Dynamo Minsk 0-0 Minsk

July 13,5 p.m. Minsk, “Olympic”

Dynamo Minsk: Shpakovskiy – Kalinin, Latykhov (Szabelin, 82), Bilonog, Davyskiba, Rovdo, Luzan, Firsov, Borodin (Trebotich, 61), Pavlovsky (Kiyimidinov, 46), Michalenko.

Minsk: Prishivako – zinovich, Yakushevich, Sazonczyk (Kiszko, 59), Penchuk, Lutsky, Kuzmich, Kasarab, Yarotsky (Nikiporenok, 57), Ar.Vasiliev (Vorobyev, 68), zinovich (Malashevich, 46).

Booked: Borodin, Mikhalenko, Davyskiba, Kiyimidinov, Rovdo – Yarotsky, Sinovich.

Removal: Rovdo.

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