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Defeat in Borisov

Minsk - BATE

The match started lively, with scoring chances for both teams. But if the shot of Saleski after the active pressure of the “City” slightly missed from the right nine of the BATE goal, then Skavish’s head kick as a result of Stasevich’s soft serve came exactly into the net of Veremko’s goal. Minsk held on, tried to uncork one ball, but by the very end of the half BATE was able to crack the defense and double the advantage thanks to Stasevich.

Despite the goal in the dressing room, the break went to the “citizens” for the benefit. At the very beginning of the second half Minsk went forward and organized several chances, the most dangerous of which was Artyom Vasilyev’s header. Unfortunately, the visitors could not bring the matter to the goal, and the hosts managed to bring down this onslaught and continue the goal celebration at the Borisov Arena. Starting in the 60th minute, three more goals flew into the Minsk goal, which resulted in a crushing and painful away defeat. But even in such a situation there is a pleasant moment that cannot be avoided: the debut of the pupils of “Minsk” 20-year-old Gleb Gerdev and 17-year-old Evgeny Malashevich, who took to the field at the end of the meeting.

Major League,Round 19.

BATE 6-0 Minsk

July 26,6 p.m. Borisov, Borisov Arena. 3011 viewers.

BATE: Scherbitsky – A.Filipovich, Volkov, Filipenko, Nastich (Immortal, 72) – Dragun, Yablonsky, Baga (Volodko, 66) – Nehaychik (Mukam, 75), Skavysh, Stasevich (c).

Minsk: Veremko (c) – Salesky (Malashevich, 86), Ryzhuk, Chagovets, Prischepa, Yarotsky – Shemruk, Gorbach (Gerdev, 73), Al.Vasiliev, Sinovich (Art.Vasilyev, 46) – Gribovsky.

Goals: 1-0 – Skavysh (5), 2-0 – Stasevich (45), 3-0 – Baga (60), 4-0 – Skavysh (62), 5-0 – Dragun (78), 6:0 – Jablonskiy (92).

Booked: Stasevich, Skavysh – K.Sinovich, Salesky, Malashevich.

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