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Doubles snatched victory in Slutsk – 1:0


The 26th round of the doubles championship ended with a minimal away victory thanks to a goal by Kirill Zinovic at the end of the match.

The whole match in Slutsk kept in suspense, because the importance of points in the final stretch of the tournament is invaluable. For 80 minutes the teams kept their gates locked – and only after that the “citizens” managed to distinguish themselves. In one of the attacks, Kirill Zinovich received a pass from his partner, went to the Slutsk penalty area and struck a long-range shot – the ball ricocheted, flew over the goalkeeper and ended up in the net.

Double, round 26. Slutsk 0-1 Minsk
October 15 (Sunday), 3:30 p.m. Slutsk, SGK field. 50 spectators

Referees: Mikhail Thagalegov (Brest), Andrei Shunkin (Brest), Alexander Pavlov (Baranovichi).

Goal: 0:1 – K.Zinovich (81).

Slutsk: Mamay – Stain, Prohorenko (Kulchitsky, 61), Gromada (Sychov, 46), Kuhtik (Sachkovski, 46), Karpenya (Rum, 46), Neverovsky, Mihnovets (c), Kren, Kladzko, Zayats (Belyaev, 85).

Minsk: Prishivalko (c) – Zhukov, Gerdev, Nikiporyonok (Ulyantsev, 84), Shemruk, Lutsky (Melnik, 90+1), Adamchik, Kishko (Kuzmich, 80), I.Leonov (Taraykovich, 56), Ivanov (Lavrik, 46), K.Zinovich.

Booked: Karpenya (40) – I.Leonov (50), Gerdev (76).

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