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Minsk beat Torpedo-Belaz 4-1


The away meeting of 22 rounds of reservists ended with a major and strong-willed victory for the Minskers.

All the scoring events took place in the second half: in the 53rd minute Torpedo came forward after Makarevich’s goal, but The City did not confuse it. Already on the 63rd Penchuk managed to equalize the score from the penalty spot, after which three more goals flew into the visitors’ goal. As a result – the victory and continuation of the race for prizes.

Double, round 22. Torpedo-BELAS (Jodino) 1:4 Minsk
August 22 (Saturday), 5 p.m. Zhodino, Torpedo Stadium (artificial field). No spectators.

Referees: Pavel Yakovenko, Vladislav Garshakov, Nikolai Prokhorenko (all – Gomel).

Goals: 1-0 – Makarevich (53), 1:1 – Penchuk, 63 (from the penalty spot). 1:2 – Migdalenok (77), 1:3 – Penchuk (87), 1:4 – Migdalenok (90-1).

Minsk: Priscivalko (c) – Yakushevich, Shchukov, Nikoporenok (Melnik, 89), Anufriev (Migdalenok, 46), Lutsky (Dikhtievsky, 89), Gerdev (Tarajkovic, 55), Adamchik (Kuzmich, 86), Bruy, K.Zinovich (Kiszko, 46), Penchuk.

Torpedo-BELAZ: Silic – Korolenko (c), Kalinovsky, Jurnevich, Galuza, Astakhov (Sivakov, 50), Makarevich, Butenas, Guzniak, Vyatkin, Stepanov (Gutyrchik, 46; Mihajczyk, 63).

Booked: Bruy.

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