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In the 20th round, Minsk reservists took important three points

Minsk - Rukh understudies

Half an hour on swing and two goals in a row – so the “Cityzens” started this game, creating a backlog in the 30th and 32nd minutes. First, Migdalenok shot from the left flank, and Penchuk closed the pass on the far post. In the second penalty, Tarajkovic was sighted to strike from outside the penalty area.

The goal was also the beginning of the second half: the score was brought to a major after the “Rukh” player cut the ball into his own goal in the 48th minute. At the same time, already on the 55th guests were given the right to reduce the gap with the help of a penalty. Morozov successfully took advantage of it, but, as it turned out, it was only a goal of prestige, until the end of the match the score remained unchanged.

The victory allowed Minsk to retain its place in the top three: now the distance to “Isloch” and “Dinamo Minsk” is measured by three points.

Doubles,round 20

Minsk 3-1 Rukh

August 1,3 p.m. Minsk, KFP FC Minsk. 50 spectators.

Minsk: Priscivalko (c) – Salesky, Shchukov, Migdalenok (Yakushevich, 78), Nikoporenok, Lutsky (Dichtievsky, 85), Leonov (Dusevskiy, 56), Klimovich (Bruy, 56), Adamchik, Tarajkovic (Kuzmich, 66), Penchuk (Plyut, 87).

Rukh: Medvedev (Beetle, 46) – Vechorko, Alekhnovich, Nwafor (Burshtyn, 78), Gorbunov, Mashagin, D.Chizh, Tsepenkov (Budyakov, 66), Antilevskiy (Kozlovich, 77), Tatarchuk, Morozov (c).

Goals: 1-0 – Penchuk (30), 2-0 – Tarajkovic (32), 3-0 – Alekhnovich (48, goal), 3:1 – Morozov (55, from the penalty spot).

Booked: Kuzmich, Brui – Tatarchuk.

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