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“Dry” victory of “Minsk” in the women’s league


From the very beginning of the meeting, the girls began to play the first number and had many moments. The number went into quality in the 24th minute, when Pobegalo successfully played on the finishing line after a strike from Tikhon. The second goal happened at the end of the half: Kubic powerfully sent the ball into the net with a direct free-kick.

In the second half the situation did not change. The Minsk women continued to play the first number and had a series of chances: at the beginning of the half, Nyolle could have scored twice, but in the first case the visitors were saved by the goalkeeper Makhovskaya, and in the second the ball flew into the post. But the goals from the team still did not go away. In the 56th minute Himic converted a penalty after a foul on himself, and the point in the game was put by Kubic, scoring with his head after the delivery of the corner on the 73rd and thus making a double.

Women’s League,Round 12

Minsk 4-0 “Bobruichanka”

July 26,5 p.m. Minsk, Minsk FC Stadium. 60 spectators.

Minsk: Kovalchuk (c) – Kubic, Kozyupa (Galai, 46), Harlanova, Tikhon (Duben, 52), Shmatko, Nyolle (Belmach, 59), Sas (White, 46), Pobebailo, Cisse, Himich.

“Bobruychanka”: Makhovskaya – Shpak (Horbowska, 34), Kuntsevich (Jigolka, 34; Kucynskaya, 68), Bondareva, Shlyakhtina, Lutskevich, Metiefang, Vasilyeva, O.Gavrilenya (Aniskovtseva, 79), T.Gavrilya, McLeans (Chromko, 46).

Goals: 1-0 – Pobegalo (24), 2-0 – Cubicy (40), 3-0 – Himic (56, from the penalty spot), 4-0 – Cubic (74).

Booked: Shlyakhtina, Kuntsevich.

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