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Girls lost in the final of the Belarusian Cup after a penalty shootout


On August 31, the final match of the Belarusian Women’s Cup between Dinamo-BGUFC and FC Minsk took place, the result of which was the defeat of the “Citizens” after a crazy penalty shootout.

In the final, principled rivals met. Minsk is the current owner, and Dinamo is a serious contender, who has already managed to upset the “citizens” twice in the championship. The intensity of this confrontation was confirmed by the game itself, which was on the counter courses and sometimes leaned one way or the other. However, the strongest revealed neither in the main, nor in extra time. Everything was decided in an incredible and tense penalty shootout, which resulted in the victory celebrated by the girls from Dinamo-BGUFC. The titled FC Minsk failed to keep the trophy, but the more interesting it will be.

Belarus Cup, final. Dinamo-BGUFC 0-0 FC Minsk (5-4 on penalties)
August 31 (Monday), 7 p.m. Minsk, Dinamo National Olympic Stadium.

Referees: Vitaly Sevostyanik, Sergey Gidrevich, Sergey Firinovich (all – Grodno).

Penalty shootout: 0:1 – Shmatko, 1:1 – Slesarchik, 1:2 – Cisse, 2:2 – Mulaudzi, 2:2 – Himich (x) 2:2 – Stezhko (x),2:3 – Harlanova, 2:3 – Pilipenko (x) 2:3 – Kozyupa (x),3:3 – Munteanu, 3:3 – Belaya (x), 3:3 – Ramalepe (x),3:4 – Aqaba, 4:4 – Linnik, 4:4 – Kubichnaya (x),5:4 – Olhovik.

Dinamo-BGUFC: Munteanu – Vulania Dabda, Shuppo (Mulaudzi, 102), Simpore (Stezhko, 102), Slesarchik (c), Olhovik, Novikova (Small, 8), Kazakevich, Pilipenko, Ramalepe, Linnik.

Minsk: Voskobovic – Kubicny, Kozyupa, Skoryna (Akaba, 51), Harlanova, Shmatko (c), Nyolle, Pobegailo (Tikhon, 77), Belaya, Cisse, Himich.

Booked: Novikova, Simpore, Ramalepe – Himich, Shmatko, Nyolle.

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