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Defeat by Dinamo in the 18th round of the Women’s League – 0:2


This season Dinamo-BGUFC did not conquer us: the 18th round of the women’s league ended in defeat and early championship of rivals.

The meeting was not only a derby, but could also be a defining one for the women’s league this season, as in case of victory Dinamo became the champion ahead of schedule. The visitors achieved their goal thanks to a quick goal in the 4th minute and a penalty kick to the dressing room. The game was not without struggle and dangerous moments, including the removal of Himich for the second warning and strikes on the crossbars of the goal Munteanu and Voskobovic, but only the visitors scored on Saturday. The “citizens” failed to answer two accurate shots of their rivals.

Women’s League, Round 18. Minsk 0-2 Dynamo BGUFC
October 3 (Saturday), 5 p.m. Minsk, Minsk FC Stadium.

Referees: Olga Tereshko (Molodechno), Elena Karas (Smolevichi), Anastasiya Danchenko (Minsk).

Goals: 0:1 – Pilipenko (4), 0:2 – Shuppo (45, from the penalty spot).

Minsk: Voskobovich – Kubichnaya, Kozyupa, Harlanova, Akaba, Shmatko (c) (Galai, 66), Nyolle, Pobegailo (Skorynina, 66), Belaya (Sas, 71), Cisse, Himich.

Dinamo-BGUFC: Munteanu – Shlapakova (Linnik, 71), Vulania, Shuppo, Simpore, Slesarchik (c), Olhovik (Mulauji, 85), Novikova, Kazakevich, Pilipenko, Ramalepe (Nikolaenko, 90+3).

Booked: Kubichnaya (7), Harlanova (40), Himich (64) – Simpore (24), Ramalepe (36), Pilipenko (40).

Removal: Himich (73).

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