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Roman Mokin: “Let my career not be so long, but there is already something to remember”

Roman Mokin

Roman Mokin returned to the game after a two-month break due to injury and even managed to score a goal against VDS-Dynamo.


Born: August 25, 2000
Position: wagon
Number: 11
Hometown: Grave
Pupil: SYSHORE “Mogilvhimfiber”

– How and when did football appear in your life? Tell us about the beginning of this journey. Was it easy for you, or was it the other way around?

– Since the age of 7 I have been playing with the older guys in the yard all the time. When I was 10, they persuaded me to go try my hand at football school. That’s how I got to my first coach Lukyanchikov Nikolai Stepanovich. Until the age of 17 he trained under his sensitive leadership, and then decided to play for one year for licensing as part of Dnipro. The path was difficult, but the difficulty was that there were no clear prospects for the future, so the main task was not to give up all the way.

– How did you manage to get into mini-football? Who saw you in this sport?

– We managed to get into the mini-football thanks to the IFC “Mogilvoblgaz”. Head coach Aleksandr Kovalev and the head of the Team Gromyko Aleksandr Sergeevich noticed me when I was a child and played in the lower leagues of the city championship. It was there that I got my mini-football basics. Later, thanks in large part to these same people, I ended up at Vitan-Yuin. There I was taken by Kalm Alexander Valeryevich, Ivulin Igor and Aleynikov Yuri Vyacheslavovich, who made a huge contribution to what I have now.

– Was it difficult to move from big football to Mini?

“No, not really. In my children’s and youth school there were such conditions that we constantly trained in small areas. For this reason, I did not feel very comfortable in big football, but in the “minika” was like a fish in the water (smiles).

– Before that, you played only in the youth championship of Belarus. IFC Minsk became for you the first club of a higher, so to speak, “adult” level. Are there differences, and what difficulties have you overcome when moving to the tower?

– There are a lot of differences: tactics, preparation, class of players – everything is completely different. The main difficulty was psychology. It was hard to realize that you are going out to play against big-name Belarusian teams.

– Thanks to whom did you manage to get to Minsk?

– Chernik Aleksandr Mikhailovich and Fedorinchik Igor – these are the people from whom everything began and on which everything is held. I am grateful to them for this chance, because it falls not to everyone.

– Was it hard to get into the team?

– After winning the junior championship, the coaches invited them to the team, so there were no difficulties.

– Admit, have there been offers from other clubs?

No, it wasn’t. And hardly any other proposals would accept. I really liked working with this coaching staff in the youth team.

How were you accepted at the club?

“It’s very warm. I played with all the guys in the national team, so it didn’t even take time to adapt.

– A lot of guys at the club played and played in the youth team of Belarus. This stage has hurt you, too. Was this experience useful to you?

“Of course! Playing for the national team is something to strive for. Every game is worth a lot. I am very glad that I had a chance to defend the honor of the country.

– Which match or moment do you remember the most?

– Even though my career is not so long and bright yet, I already have something to remember. The championship in the youth championship, the victory in the youth team in the match against Finland, where we pulled the victory 3 seconds before the end, come to mind.

– Do you have a match or a goal for Minsk, which you could celebrate?

– I don’t score that often, so I could score all my goals.). As for the matches, it is a draw with Viten last year, where they equalized a second before the end. The most important goal for me against ATC-Dynamo this year. In the first game after the break scored, and even the team won the first victory of the season. It’s a very beautiful story.

– What can you tell us about the training process? Are you satisfied with everything or are there any drawbacks?

– It is a sin to complain about the training process when you work with such professionals. With such experience of the coaching staff there can be no dissatisfaction with the training process.

– The 11th number for the second season it is unchanged for you. Why this number?

– It so happened that I got this number in “Vitan-uni” and then in the national team. After consulting with loved ones, he decided to leave this number and leave it, because it all started with it.

What do your teammates call you?

– All by name, except Dima Shvedko, he has for each of us 10 “clicks” (laughs).

– Do you think you are the best in the team?

– No, we have the best team, in which the best :).

– Who is the most fun in the team? Is there a funny story about this man?

– Everyone calls Max Matyukevich, and I would like to single out Dima Shvedko, with whom I go together throughout my mini-football journey. I was even lucky enough to live together with these two guys last year. It was a real circus. Dima is a master of photoshop, so in our team everyone suffered a little from his “creativity”.

– How do you see your football future? Are there any goals?

“I don’t want to look too much. The main goal now is to get in shape after injury, because I see that even before the previous form is far away.

– It is known that mini-football is very fond of in Mogilev, even though there is no team there. Would you like a mini-football club back in your hometown?

– Let me put it this way, Grave is obsessed with this sport! There are now four divisions in the city championship, each with 12-14 teams. There are a lot of people at every game, even at lower league games. In Mogilev one of the best sports complexes in the country – “Olympian” with a wonderful director. During the break, I spent time in the Olympic Games from morning to evening. Very pleasantly surprised people’s attitude: I always had interlocutors. In Mogilev they watch the highest league, including me, they are worried about me. The city needs a mini-football! I sincerely hope that in the near future Mogilv will be represented again in the top league of the national championship.

– I would like to learn a little about your life outside of the game and training. What do you do in your spare time?

– Now I read a lot, especially I have very good suppliers of books:). I like to walk. I can talk to my family on the phone for a long time. I’m studying.

– You are a student of The Mogilevsky State University of Food. Are you happy with the choice of university? Does school give you pleasure?

– I am very happy with my choice, although at first there were doubts. I am very grateful to my dean and department that always go to meet me, always without problems make me an individual training schedule. Pleasure, of course, I get, very much useful for myself I find. Also as part of the team of my university under the leadership of Vladimir Mikhailovich, I became the champion of the country in big football, having received THE CMS in football, and became the silver and bronze medalist of the country in mini-football.

Do you have a hobby?

” There is no obvious hobby. There are hobbies that you don’t want to share.

What is the perfect day off?

With the family. I have a very close-knit family. As soon as the day off, I go home. But that’s until your family comes up.).

What kind of music do you prefer?

– There are no obvious preferences, I am a real music lover. I’ll listen to what’s going on in my soul.

Blitz poll

A book or a film?
The book.

– Basketball or hockey?
– Basketball.

Favourite brand of car?
– BMW.

Favourite dish?
Fried potatoes.

“Without what life doesn’t make sense?
“Without faith.

“Are you superstitious?”
” Yes

– In your understanding, who is a happy person?
– A man who has a purpose.

– What if it’s not football?
– Some office work with all sorts of important pieces of paper.

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