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In the 15th round, the girls beat Dnepr 7-1


The match of the women’s team ended with a crushing victory, although the game was not so easy at first. The first half ended with a minimal advantage of the “City”, but in the second half the girls achieved more than a convincing advantage in the score. In addition to a large number of goals, the match stood out and a kind of exhibition of penalties: in total in the game there were five 11-meter strikes (one in the direction of “Minsk” and four in the goal of the guests, three of which our girls successfully implemented).

Women’s Major League, Round 15. Minsk 7-1 Dnepr-Mogilev
August 23 (Sunday), 5 p.m. Minsk, Minsk FC Stadium. No spectators.

Referees: Kirill Pilipovets (Novoselier), Maxim Popok (Mozyr), Svetlana Gorgun (Brest).

Goals: 1:0 – Belaya (16), 1:1 – Nizhegorodova (20, penalty), 2:1 – Tikhon (39), 3:1 – Himich (51, penalty), 4:1 – Sas (56), 5:1 – Belaya (66), 6:1 – Himich (68, penalty), 7:1 – Kozupa (90-1, penalty).
In the 41st minute Kozyupa (Minsk) failed to convert a penalty.

Minsk: Voskobovich – Kubichnaya, Kozyupa (c), Harlanova, Galai, Tikhon (Belmach, 63), Nyolle, Sas, Belaya, Sisse, Himich.

Dnipro-Mogilev: Skripunova (Klescheva, 70) – Pinchuk, Tretyakova, Osmolovskaya, Strikunova, Gudchenko (Kruchinina, 16; Minchenko, 81), Manyukova, Denisenko, Koneva, Savchenko (Makarevich, 67), Nizhegorodova (c).

Booked: Tretyakova, Koneva, Malyukova.

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