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Minsk-2 wins Alexander Gleb prize tournament


On August 30, the second tournament for Alexander Gleb’s prizes among the teams born in 2009, the winner of which was the young players of Minsk, ended on the field of the Minsk sports complex.

The competition was held from August 27 to 30 under the auspices of the capital’s SDUSHOR No.3 BFSO Dinamo, of which Alexander Gleb is a pupil. Eight teams participated in the tournament: Minsk-1, Minsk-2, SDUSHOR Dinamo, RCOR BGU, Isloch, Shakhter, Orbita and SDUSHOR MTZ.

As a result of the group stage, the two teams of Minsk scored the maximum number of points in their groups and met in the final, where the pupils of Sergey Ananyevsky from Minsk-2 were stronger with a score of 2-0. Minsk-1, led by Vladimir Kireenko, finished second. The bronze medalists of the tournament were the team of RCOR BGU, headed by Maxim Tsyplyakov.

Alexander Gleb and his brother Vyacheslav were awarded the winners and prize-winners.

Minsk-2 – winner of the tournament

Minsk-1 – silver medalist of the tournament

Photo: footbik.by

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