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“Citizens” won silver medals of the youth championship

Minsk 2004

The youth championship of the Republic of Belarus in U17 football has come to an end. It featured a team of FC Minsk, made up of players born in 2004. The players, led by coaches Alexander Miknovets and Andrey Pyshnik, met with their peers from BATE in the final.

The main time of the match ended in a 2-2 draw. Arseniy Prokopenko scored in the 56th minute from the penalty spot, as well as Artur Nazarenko, who scored in the 59th minute, a minute after his appearance on the pitch. In the penalty shootout, luck turned away from our guys – 3:4.

05.07.2020 10:30 Minsk, ABBF Tech Center

Referees: Naronsky Vyacheslav (Minsk), Gerko Alexey (Minsk), Sahar Vyacheslav (Minsk)

Minsk: Boldysh, Petrikevich, Prokopenko, Dushevskiy, Shashko (Nazarenko, 58), Chestko, Garbuz, Chekurishvili (Demidovich, 52), Pechura (Ivashin, 71), Shkolya, Viktorchik (Kondratovich, 41)

BATE: Ignatieff, Martynov, Julpa, Shumansky, Blotsky, Svidinsky, Orlovsky (Pyshny, 56), Gritsuk (Gicelev, 58), Furs (Sharkovsky, 58), Melko (Sannikov, 65), Ageev

Goals: 0:1 – Shumansky (29), 1:1 – Prokopenko (56), 2:1 – Nazarenko (59), 2:2 – Shumansky (72)

Booked: Minsk – Breast (41 – Unsportsmanlike conduct); Prokopenko (80/3 – Unsportsmanlike conduct); BATE – Melko (43 – Rough Game); 9 Svidinsky (80/3 – Unsportsmanlike conduct); Shuman Artem (After the match – Unsportsmanlike conduct)

Minsk 2004

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