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SYSHORE FC Minsk receives balls from ABFF


At the beginning of the summer, the Belarusian Football Federation Association launched the New Equipment for New Victories initiative. As part of a large-scale action to support specialized training and sports institutions throughout the country, the representatives of JUSH in each region are given balls for further use in the training process.

The arena for the presentation of 355 balls to the city’s children’s and youth sports schools was the Tractor Stadium, where on Friday the match of the 13th round of “Belarusbank – The Big League” between the football clubs “Minsk” and “Islochia” from the Minsk region was held.

From the hands of the USSR champion in 1982 as a member of the Minsk “Dynamo” and now deputy chairman of the Association “Belarusian Football Federation” Mikhail Nikiforovich Vergeenko equipment received SYSHORE FC Minsk, SYSHORE “Dynamo-Minsk Football Academy” JUSH FCF, DUSH Orbita, SDYSHORE-3 BFSO Dynamo, SDYSHORE MTK, JUSH BATE, JUSH Isloch

It should be noted that coach Valery Andriyevsky represented Minsk FC at this ceremony.

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