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Minsk doubles suffered minimal defeat in Borisov

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In the 19th round, the reserves of Minsk lost to BATE – 2:3.

The match in Borisov was of great importance for the doubles coming on the heels of Islochi and Dinamo Minsk, but the game at the city stadium turned into a real shootout and defeat. The score was opened at the very beginning of the match: in the 3rd minute Milic shot the goal of Prisivalyko with his head from close range. However, the advantage of the hosts lasted until the moment when the “citizens” ran away in the counterattack and Gerdev closed the shot from the flank. In the 32nd minute BATE again came forward after a tight low strike from outside the penalty area from the same Milic – before the break the score remained unchanged.

In the second half Minsk did not stop and tried to restore balance, but a series of dangerous entrances into the penalty area could not end with the taking of the goal. And yet they managed to achieve their goal when the ball after the execution of a free kick hit the hand of the BATE footballer – a penalty. Penchuk confidently realized the shot from the point, scouting the ball and the goalkeeper at different angles.

It seemed that the match could be reduced to a draw – and the game would be a natural result. But just three minutes later the Borisovs scored the third goal and managed to keep the minimum advantage until the final whistle.

Doublers, round 19

BATE 3-2 Minsk
July 25at 1:30 p.m. Borisov, city stadium. 200 spectators.

BATE: Dergachev – Martyanov (Baranovsky, 69), Supranovich, Piletsky (Chalei, 92), Shalashnikov (Pigas, 46), Burak, Sharkovsky (Tarusov, 60), Bocherov (c), Gizelev, Milich (Blotsky, 46), Gaeva (Shkaradenok, 84).

Minsk: Priscivalko (c) – Bruy (Adamchik, 46), Shchukov, Gerdev (Vorobyev, 46), Nikoporenok (Melnik, 85), Malashevich (Leonov, 56), Kuzmich, Kiszko, Klimovich (Kasarab, 46), Ivanov (Lutsky, 46), Penchuk.

Goals: 1:0 – Milic (3), 1:1 – Gerdev (8), 2:1 – Milic (32), 2:2 – Penchuk (77, from the penalty spot), 3:2 – Gizelev (80).

Booked: Martyanov, Burak, Milic, Cicelev – Brui, Kiszko.

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