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Pavel Ostroukh is Minsk’s new press secretary

Pavel Ostroukh

The 24-year-old graduate of the Faculty of Journalism of BSU joined our club. Previously, Pavel served as director of Osipovichi FC and a specialist in working with fans of FC Gorodey.

Chairman of The Minsk Football Club Igor Shloydo commented on the appointment:

“You can see how quickly everything changes and develops – including in the media space, every year the bar rises and needs increase. We understand that the fan is important not only sports result, but also a beautiful “wrap”: interesting information about the team on social networks, entertainment in the stadium, a number of other activities. The football club is interested in development in this direction, so we decided on a number of changes. The appointment of a new press secretary is one of them, and the rest of the fans and the football community will gradually learn in the future.”

Earlier, alexander Tomin, who headed the press service, left this position – we thank him for his long-term contribution to the development of the club and wish him further success.

Pavel’s Contacts: 375 (29)156-93-81, press@fcminsk.by

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