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This team of pupils of “Minsk” looks powerful

Minsk FC School

Minsk FC has been holding the status of one of the best football schools in Belarus for several years. Every year, youth teams occupy medal places in the licensing championship. He has two golds and a bronze in the last five seasons. Local pupils annually join the ranks of the first team, and those who have already shown themselves in the basis of the belarusian championship leaders or go to foreign championships.

So in the past off-season Shevchenko (Dynamo-Brest) and Bahar (Dynamo-Minsk) went to promotion. And what if you fantasize about “if FC Minsk” could return their pupils to the team.” It seems that such a team could compete for very high places. For you, we have assembled a symbolic team from the pupils of the school “Smena” and its follower of the football school “Minsk”.

Unused subs: Sergei Veremko, Aleksey Yanushkevich, Artyom Rachmanov, Oleg Evdokimov, Andrey Khachaturian, Evgeny Shevchenko, Mikhail Afanasiev, Anton Saroka

Impressive, isn’t it?

According to tribuna.com website

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