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25 round. Doubles beat Smolevich 2-1


Today’s game of reservists ended with a minimal advantage over the opponent. Penchuk scored a goal, and another goal Smolevichy scored in their own net.

On Tuesday, the doubles over Smolevich (4-2), now they beat the opponent at home, but the meeting turned out to be difficult and kept in suspense because of the advantage of just one goal. The score was opened by the hosts, but soon Smolevichi were able to restore their balance. In the second half, Minsk was able to finish off the opponent – after one of the shots the opponent cut the ball into his own net. The fragile advantage did not prevent the “citizens” to take three points and continue their lead in the standings.

Double, round 25. Minsk 2-1 Smolevichy
September 27 (Sunday), 12:00. Minsk, a complex of fields of FC Minsk. 50 spectators.

Referees: Sergey Lobatsevich (Vetka), Nikolai Prohorenko (Gomel), Vladislav Garshakov (Gomel).

Goals: 1:0 – Penchuk (14), 1:1 – Chistyi (37), 2:1 – Chistyi (64, autogoal).

Minsk: Prishivalko (c) – Zhukov, Nikiporyonok, Malashevich (Kishko, 85), Sazonchik (Leonov, 85), Adamchik, Gorbach, Shemruk (Melnik, 46), Ivanov (K.Zinovich, 46), Kuzmich (Tarajkovic, 61), Penchuk (Zherdev, 46).

Smolevichy: Zaharevich (c) – Safi, Chistyi, Savoshko (Korzun, 78), Kondratovich, Aleksandrovich, Chizh (Savko, 90+3), Makushinsky (Puzan, 72), Savostikov (Alshanets, 79), Glushakov, Malinovsky (Sharko, 85).

Booked: Nikiporyonok (62) – Savostikov (32), Makushinsky (40).

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