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Roman Mokin: “Before the game there was a craze, as if for the first time I went out to play”


After the game with “ATC-Dynamo” asked a couple of questions to Roman Mokin, who after a two-month break due to injury gradually pours into the game and even managed to issue a goal in the opponent’s goal.

– You had a long gap without matches and training. How are you feeling now?

“It’s all good. It is hard, of course, both physically and psychologically, but I feel that with each training I gain. In the team, everyone cheers, from this and the recovery went much faster.

Are you glad to be back on the field?

Yes, of course. These feelings are hard to put into words. Before the game there was an easy craze, as if for the first time I went out to play.

– The coaching staff released you into the top five and your return was very effective. Did you expect that?

– Honestly, a week ago I could not even imagine that I would play in this match, but I had a good week microcycle and the coaching staff still entrusted me with a place in the squad, for which I am very grateful. I am very happy that in the first game after the break I was able to score, I think it will give additional confidence.

– How would you rate your game after such a break without matches?

“Honestly, I’m not very happy. I can see perfectly well that there is still a lot of work to be done. The main thing is that the team won and won its first victory of the season, and the rest, at the moment, is secondary.

“Repeatedly, the commentator singled out your bright bumps and called you “The guy in the pink sneakers.” Maybe they’ve become a mascot for you, in a way.

“I will not hide, there are superstitions in this sense. I do not want to refer to shoes, but perhaps there is something in it too (smiles).

Those same “Fart pink sneakers”

– What emotions do the team have, because this is the first victory this season?

Everyone is very happy. There’s a sense of relief. This game was tuned in a special way. Everyone knew that we needed to win, both for the table and for the psychology.

– What results can you sum up the match?

” Victory is the main result. Some comments will be superfluous.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to offer my condolences to Alexander Danilenko, the head coach of the Dynamo police department, with whom I was lucky enough to work a little in Mogiev. He had to fly home yesterday for family reasons.

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