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MFC Minsk took the first point in the championship


In the seventh round of the Belarusian Mini-Football Championship, MFC Minsk drew 2-2 at home with Ohrana-Dinamo.

In the 7th minute Buralkin brought Minsk forward, but soon the visitors managed to win back, and 6 minutes after the start of the second half and even to get into the lead. However, “Dinamo” managed to hold out in this status only four minutes: on the 29th Krivitsky restored the balance.

Parity was held until the end of the match, after which came a dramatic denouement: just 6 seconds before the final whistle, the “Citizens” got the right to a 10-meter kick, which could lead to victory, but the goalkeeper was able to repel Novik’s shot and save the draw.

Round 6. Minsk – Ohrana-Dinamo – 2-2 (1:1)
October 17, 5 p.m. Minsk, MAPID Sports Complex. 340 viewers

Referees: A.Zhdanovich, E.Zhelobkov (both – Minsk). Inspector: A.Valatka (Mogilev).

Minsk: Petuhov; Goncharov – Dubkov – Krivitsky – Buralkin; Lipsky – Matyukevich – Fedorinchik – Novik; Ostertakh (c) – Shmaenkov – Semenyuk – Shvedko. Substitute: Podobed (GK).

Dynamo Guard: Chipulis; Lozovsky – Drozdov – Magradze (c) – Tiunov; Garkun – Filipchik – Michalevich – Gremako; Sobol, Muzychenko. Subs not used: Pisaruk (GK), Krukovsky, Tarasevich.

Balls: 1-0 – Buralkin (6.20, pass – Krivitsky). 1:1 – Sobol (10.53, pass – Tiunov). 1:2 – Sobol (24.48). 2:2 – Krivitsky (28.56, pass – Dubkov, free-kick).

Booked: Semenyuk (14.28), Shmaenkov (14.49), Dubkov (23.52).

Fouls: 4 – 5, 1 – 6. Unfulfilled 10-meter: Novik (39.54 – goalkeeper saved).

Note in the protocol. The head coach of the Minsk team A.Chernik (39.10) received a warning for interfering with the referees’ actions.

Best players of the match: Petuhov – Sobol.

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