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Dubbing line-ups-2021. Minsk – Smorgon – 4-0


Belarus 2021 Championship among the understudy squads. Match of the 15th round

MINSK-D – SMORGON-d – 4-0 (3-0)
Minsk. July 1. KFP FC Minsk.
JUDGE: N.Kabak, D.Flora (both Borisov), E.Bondar (Losnitsa).
MINSK-d: Tarasyuk (Perov, 46), Kuzmich, Adamchik (Leonov, 65), Bruy (Kiszko, 58), Prokopenko, Dosidsky (Shukov, 46), Stolbov (Lutsky, 46), Gorbach (Pechura, 55), Checurishvili, Malashevich (c), Agvata (Skoyar, 46).
SMORGON: Velesyuk, Roman, Dementyev, Yanch (Mardoyan, 46), Rollin, Shidlovsky (Lapko, 80), Kasevich, Jabinsky, Pashkevich, Augustinovich, Kovalev.
GOALS: 1-0 – Agwat (1). 2-0 – Malashevich (31, pass – Agvat). 3-0 – Agvat (44). 4-0 – Lutsky (87, pass – Malashevich).
WARNING: Bruy (48), Shchukov (57), Malashevich (89) – Janch (45), Dementyev (60).

Our guys started very fast: in the very opening Austin Agvat opened the scoring with a shot from close range. In the future, the owners did not slow down, however, for a long time could not make friends with the implementation. Artem Brui, Taisir Adamczyk and Pavel Gorbach did not score from the slaughter positions. Let’s remember Daniil Dushevskiy’s dangerous shot from outside the penalty area – Velesyuk parried.

Fortunately, after half an hour of the game managed to double the advantage, when the same Austin Agvata assisted Evgeny Malashevich, coolly sent the ball into the net meters from 6, – 2-0. And just before the break, the Nigerian forward scored a hat-trick, hitting the goal almost from the goalkeeper’s left corner, 3-0.

In the second half, the Red-Blues continued to own the initiative and regularly built dangerous attacks. Evgeny Malashevich, Maxim Lutsky, Rodion Pechura missed good chances. The numbers on the scoreboard changed only in the 87th minute: Maxim Lutsky brilliantly shot from the middle distance in the net with the bar – 4-0.

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