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Minsk doubles beat Belshina 2-0

Minsk - Belshina understudies

In the 16th round, the doubles were again stronger than the opponent. As in the last meeting, our reservists opened the scoring at the end of the first half: Penchuk made a dense long-range shot, which was repelled by the goalkeeper, but On the finishing line Malashevich played great, sending the ball into the net in touch.

In the second half, Cityzen struck a series of shots on Matlach’s goal, but the score remained the same. At the end of the match it could have turned into a loss of points, because Belshina had several chances to equalize. However, instead in a quick attack in the 90th minute, Minsk managed to double the advantage: after a shot from the flank, the visitors’ player cut the ball into his own goal.

Double, round 16. Minsk 2-0 Belshina (Bobruisk)

July 3,1 p.m. Minsk, FC Minsk Field Complex

Minsk: Prishivako (c) – Shchukov, Leonov (Vorobiev, 60), Penchuk (Kirkitsky, 76), Malashevich, Yakushevich, Kuzmich, Kasarab, Kiszko, Melnik (Dihtievsky, 54), Lutsky (Nikiporenok, 82).

Belshina: Matlakh – Matveyev, Kasyanov, Fofana, Miroevsky (Karplyuk, 63), Barkovsky, Loputin (Bezhonov, 46), Yakhyoyev (Grin, 90’1), Sokolovsky (Ovchinnikov, 84), Vikhrov (Severin, 83), Matlakh.

Goals: 1-0 – Malashevich (39), 2-0 – Kasyanov (90, goal).

Yellow card: Penchuk, Dikhtievski, Schivalko, Vorobyev – Kasyanov, Vikhrov.

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